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This is the amount you may need for your loved ones to stay financially secure or to help repay your mortgage or loan. You’ll get the chance to review this amount before you purchase.

This is the length of time you want your policy to last. Many people align this with when they expect their mortgage to be paid off.

Our Serious Illness Cover pays you out a lump sum if you get any of the primary conditions we cover, including heart attacks, strokes and cancers. We will quote you for 25% of your requested Life Cover amount.

Your age is used to calculate your monthly premium.

You are classed as a smoker if you have used cigarettes, cigars, pipe, loose tobacco, herbal cigarettes, any nicotine replacement therapy and electronic cigarettes in the last 12 months. We will carry out random tests to confirm non-smoker status.

We will automatically generate a quote for you using the personal and medical information you have provided. By clicking "Get my quote" you agree that we will call you to discuss your quote.

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